Our services go by Your needs.

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Planning and controlling every single transport order – from start to finish – Succcess through our experienced transport managers.

Overland Transport

  • Distribution throughout europe
  • Delivery B2B & B2C
  • General cargo delivery
  • Partial and complete loads
  • Extra tours & Special transports
  • Cooling- & Thermal transports
  • Tracking throughout europe

Vehicle Fleet

  • 13,60 Semitrailer bags/cover, 90-96m³, cargo load max. 24to.
  • 13,60 Megaliner XL-Certified, 102m³, cargo load max. 24to.
  • 13,60 Cooling & Thermotrailer, 90m³, cargo load max. 24to.
  • 15,60 Tandemtrailer, 120m³, cargo load max. 24to.
  • Truck 7,5to., 36-45m³, cargo load max. 3to.
  • Truck 3,5to., 25-28m³, cargo load max. 1,2to.
  • Bus Sprinter 1,5to., 12-18m³, cargo load max. 1to.